In my career, I have seldom seen the dedication and love for radio exhibited by Teddy McKay. You must understand that I am a little prejudice, having trained him personally ….as a “Baby DJ”. When I met Teddy ……around the turn of this century, he reminded me…..of me…..as a young kid who would do anything and everything just to be “On The Air”. In the last 14 plus years, he has realized that dream ….ten times over…..having had one of the most successful runs at a CHR in history. He’s accomplished and maintained a “Top 3” ranking 10am to 3pm at WJBQ in Portland, Maine for so long that…..I’ve lost track of the time. The reason this happened is because Teddy McKay works harder, works longer, and works smarter than all of his competitors. Not to mention, he’s sounds damn fine on the radio. His content driven, humorous, compelling style “Works” wonders for WJBQ, WHOM…..and would work those same wonders anywhere in any format.
– Harry Nelson Program Director of “8 Top Ten Market CHR, AC, Oldies, and Country Radio Stations”
Vice-President and General Manager of Ride Records
With Teddy McKay, you literally ‘check all the boxes’: talent, work ethic, character, great attitude, hilarity index, instinct—and did I mention TALENT? Teddy is the real deal and is versatile enough to handle just about anything. He was always a ratings ‘secret weapon’ for me—and since I was his boss, he also let me beat him at golf-smart!
– Tim Moore iHeartRadio-NH Former OM PD WHOM & Q97.9
Teddy is one of those air talents, who was groomed by the best in the business. He brings his love of music, sports, and pop culture to his show filtered through his no-nonsense outlook, then wraps it up tight and makes you laugh!
– Broadway Bill Lee Afternoons/WCBS-FM New York
Teddy is unlike any other host I have known. Since his arrival at WJBQ, then to WHOM he has established himself with a larger-than-life personality and a focused dedication to his craft. Teddy is at once a great salesman and marketer of himself, but he doesn’t come across being self-centered or cheesy. That’s because he always invites the listener in on the discussion, and makes them feel like they’re the center of attention. Whether it be a topical national news story or snarky local politics, Teddy whittles it down and let’s everyone put in their two cents. Some say it’s his job. In my view, it’s considered an art.
– Pete Bouchard NECN Boston, MA Meteorologist
Teddy McKay????  Federal witness program perhaps??  Not surprised IF
that is the case, as I could see something like coming years ago in
Brookline/Boston when you worked with us at The Country Club.  I sure
hope Holty is not in the same situation as you, but if he is, hope he
changed both first and last name to remain safe. Seriously, we did have some great times with our golf, and did good work as well.
All the best from Las Vegas,
– Don Callahan
Butch Harmon School of Golf
Head Golf Professional, The Country Club, Brookline, MA 1967-1999
Of all the untalented people I barely remember being lucky enough to work near me throughout my brief but meteoric radio career, Teddy McShane is my favorite. Oh, it’s McKay? Yeah he’s a delight.
– Matty Blake Actor www.mattyblake.com